Halifax City Local

Welcome to the Halifax City Local NSTU

The Halifax City Local is the 2nd largest local in the province - home to over 1,000 NSTU members


Meeting Information

Our next local meeting is on April 12th at 4:30pm at the NSTU building. 

Member Project Development Grant

This grant is for members who are looking to enrich their professional practice or student learning through an innovative project. This grant is to support the purchase of resources required to realize this goal when funds are not available by any other means (e.g. book bureau, instructional budget, or capital funding).

Application Form - due February 27th.


National/International Conference Grant

The Halifax City Local provides additional funding for National/International conferences.  You can apply for up to $500 of additional funding.

Please read the Guidelines before completing the online application.  Starting January 4th, applications will only be accepted via the online application.

The application form can be found here.